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Unser Schwester-Verlag CADMOS Publishing Limited bietet über hundert Übersetzungen unserer erfolgreichsten Bücher an.
Hier finden Sie eine Liste aller erhältlichen englischsprachigen CADMOS Books.

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How to Supple Gaited Horses

Academic Art of Riding

Classical Dressage with Anja Beran

EMRA Intelligence

Stallions Care and Management

My Riding Days Return

My Horse Told Me

Decorating Simply and Naturally

Noble Dignified Beautiful

Walking on Eggshells

Natural Country Pharmacy

Garden on Top

A Quiet Word with Your Horse

Stress, Anxiety and Aggression in dogs

A Journey Through the Horse's Body

Preparing for Dressage the Right Way

Raw Food Diet for Dogs

Dressage Principles Based on Biomechanics

Line Training for Dogs

Your First Foal

The Invisible Link to Your Dog

Trust Instead of Dominance

How Horses Feel and Think

Trick Training for Cats

Snooping Around

Training Your Foal

Anatomy of the Dog

The Art of Riding

More Fun with Clicker Training

Gentle Horse Training

Athletic Horse

It's Not I Who Seek the Horse, the Horse Seeks Me

The Invisible Line

Safe and Sound with Child and Dog

Lateral Work

Falling for Fallacies

Playtime for Cats

Good Times with Older Dogs

Whose Sofa is it Anyway?

Long Reining to Break Horses to Harness

Schooling Exercises in Hand

Clicker Training for Clever Cats

Caring for the Older Horse

Chat to Your Cat

Line Training for Dogs

The Art of Classical Horsemanship

Trick School for Dogs

Improving Performance

Starting Out in Eventing

The Pack Concept

Bringing Up Puppy

Free Jumping – a Practical Handbook

Dictionary for Carriage Driving

Schuessler Tissue Salts for Horses

Horse Sense and Horsemanship


Twisted Truths of Modern Dressage

Mental Activation

Playtime for Your Dog

How to Keep Your Horse Calm and Relaxed

Your Dog's Senses

Homeopathy for My Horse

Dressage from Medium to Grand Prix

The Thinking Rider

Bach Flower Remedies for Your Horse

Shiatsu for Your Horse

Learning to Ride as an Adult: The new Manual of Riding and Movenment Instructions

My Fat Horse!

Horse Care with Caddie – Book 1

Beware Poison!



Your First Foal

Rider's Aids

From Flatwork to Jumping

Horse Talk

Training the Horse in Hand

Best Turned Out

Long Reining

Show Jumping Made Easy

The Elements of Dressage

Practical Horse Massage

Training Your Foal